88-89 Mount Street London


George describes its club refurbishment as having a unique atmosphere of contemporary elegance.  

We contributed to the look with several styles of gilded mirrors, decorating the walls and ceilings throughout the club highlighting the navy and burnt gold colour scheme.

Discussing the Art Deco theme of The Hound Bar, an article in Dazeen remarked that the mirrored glass has been used on columns and doorways almost to the effect of a hall of mirrors, creating an after-dark, subterranean feeling.

In the ground floor restaurant, the walls are panelled with our aluminium leaf mirrors as a background for a collection of David Hockney’s art.  Reflecting borrowed colours from these artworks are well over 750 distressed aluminium leaf ceiling mirror panels.

Entrance Lobby 

Our copper lights with kiln formed glass panes sit within the navy painted woodwork of the inner vestibule doors gently obscuring the view into the interior.  Kiln forming creates a wonderful ripple to flat glass.  The styling begins in the entrance where the ceiling is mirrored, set in a diamond pattern using distressed aluminium leaf.


Downstairs, a stunning silver-mirrored fireplace made in our studio featuring our cast glass pedestal sits centre stage against a wall of contrasting distressed bronze mirrors. For this project we experimented with distressing techniques of silver leaf to satisfy the very particular colour scheme of the client.

Ladies Powder Room

Precision was paramount in the mirrored ceilings: created with such accurately cut glass they formed a wonderful mosaic showcased particularly in the Ladies powder room.  Here a kaleidoscope of light with contoured bevelled mirrors using silver leaf with gold flecks.  In the Gents, by contrast, beautifully bronzed moon-gold mirrored ceilings and doors reflect the marbled walls and tiled floors. The craft of gilding involves carefully applying ultra-thin silver leaves in a grid panel by hand to the reverse of the glass.  The wonderfully soft reflective mirrors in the George were created using this technique.