The Alchemist


We have made what has become a ‘characteristic’ style of glass for numerous bars and restaurants for the Alchemist brand in the Midlands and the North, and recently in Old Street, London, with the Macauley Sinclair design team. Samples were made and enjoyed. Its production needed to evolve and mature…

Put clear glass in a large flat bed kiln and heat to a high temperature to transform into a delicate yet interesting texture. Allow to cool. Next, after about 24 hours, cut carefully to size. Set against a sheet of amber glass. It cannot be served straight for architectural use, so laminate together and wait for a bond to form. Repeat the sequence for more.

Now use a good measure of alchemy to create a backdrop of rich chocolate-bronze mirrors.

Stand back and admire the glamour and fizz as these are set into the back bar, the kitchen pass, bottle displays and screens.

The stage is then set: a place for bartenders to refine their molecular mixology and alchemy for experimental cocktails.

Since our journey began in 2014 with the Living Ventures Group for The Alchemist, The Botanist, and Gusto, we supplied our now ‘characteristic’ backdrop glass and mirrors to The Alchemist at : Alderley Edge, Birmingham, Cardiff, Chester, Leeds, Liverpool, Media City in Manchester, Spinning Fields in Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, and more recently St Martin’s Lane and Old Street in London.